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Chris Sgaraglino on location of “A Step Back in Time”

Custom photography is an investment in you and your business. I, as a photographer have likewise invested talent, funds and time into developing my skill offering clients top quality work. By its nature, the term “custom photography” is an invitation to be choosy; to customize your photos along with the help of a professional. Foremost in your search for that perfect photographer, you should pay attention to the photographer’s style, and whether it jives with your own. You can begin by looking through the tearsheets below, where my style is evident in camera angles, lighting techniques, posing and post processing.


I live for the perfect image. Action sports to products for your website, each command the same respect.


From full service video production, to freelance journalism. I will capture your story in your own words.


When you hire a freelance photographer, you want to find the most experienced freelance photographer with the best ideas!