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I was approached by the well known painter, Tracy Miller, as she had seen some of my work and wanted to purchase a very specific image. I call it “Him & Her” – this was an image of a pair of Colorado Buffalo (Bison) out on the Medno Zapata Ranch , by The Great Sand Dunes. She mentioned that she had a client that had commissioned her for a painting, and that this photo was the perfect inspiration!
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“My Contemporary Western Expressionist paintings are based on my love of the West. My Dad exposed me to the great outdoors, instilling a love of the land and wide open skies. My Mom influenced my love of art and culture.” ~ Tracy Miller

The Great Horned Owls

On display in the Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds Exhibition at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL. – The Great Horned Owls range in length from 18-25 inches (46–68 cm) and have a wingspan of 40-60.5 in (101–153 cm); Females are larger than males, an average adult being 22 in (55 cm) long with a 49 in (124 cm) wingspan and weighing about 3.1 lbs (1400 g). (Watch the Clip )

Top Caliber – World Record Texas Longhorn

The carefully planned genetic base that has produced Top Caliber, is reproducing it in his Sons and Grandsons. The tremendous horn growth potential, coupled with horn base and shape, give Top Caliber the genetic foundation to be the most prolific Longhorn sire of the decade! While Top Caliber holds the World Record for horn, he has sons and brothers as his next closest competitors, proving the genetic ability to reproduce like himself and even better!

Distribution: Web & DVD || My role was producer, production manager, cinematographer and editor. During the shooting of this DVD, I shot all my footage using my Sony NX5u Camcorder. (Watch the DVD )

Harmel’s Ranch Resort DVD

This project was produced as additional collateral for the sale of the Harmel’s Ranch Resort in Gunnison, Colorado. This DVD is sectioned into three parts: Steve (owner) talks about why the ranch is for sale. An 8 1/2 minute narrative covering the ranch and the different amenities. Out-clips and photos from the ranch and the surrounding area. Distribution: Web & DVD || My primary role was producer and cinematographer. During the shooting of this DVD, I shot all my footage using a Sony EX3 Camcorder. I also contributed the bulk of the modern photography and retouched all the historical photography.
Watch the Ranch Video || Watch the Interview with the Owner

Mountain Memories

The photos in this book were taken during a trip to The Harmel’s Ranch Resort in Almont, Colorado. This book is a combination of my photographs of the Gunnison National Forest, including the Fossil Ridge Wilderness Area and areas in and around Crested Butte, Colorado.

This book is dedicated to the Roberts Family, Amie & Mark Anderson and the staff at Harmel’s Ranch Resort for providing us the opportunity to build lifelong memories with our family and especially with our children. It truly is a blessing calling you friends. (Low-res preview the book)

Tired of that Mini-Van Hunting Rig?

As I walk out my front door and look into the driveway, I hear myself say it once again, “I am tired of taking the mini-van Elk hunting!”

Among other specifics, successful bowhunting for Elk requires solid and sound equipment. Vital to that equipment list is a good vehicle. The ability to carry hunting and camping gear to your favorite hunting spot, getting your harvested animal to the processor, getting in and out of the woods after a long hunt in a good solid truck just seems to top off the week spent there. (Read the full article.)

Hunting Wild Hogs in Colorado

I’m sitting at my desk finishing up with the morning’s JOAD and listening to the background chatter, I hear a group of guys that had just come back from hunting wild boar talking about the hunt. The confusing part was that they never left Colorado? No, I am not currently familiar with any wild boars running around in Colorado, and the outfitters in Colorado usually head off to Texas for their hunts. (Read the full article.)

Student Filmmakers Magazine

I get a call, it’s an editor of a magazine called Student Filmmakers. Jody, she wants an interview? She heard through the grapevine that I just finished working on my first film and wanted to pick my brain. (Read the interview.)