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Capturing an interesting form, shape or color of the structure can be visually appealing. Therefore visuals of buildings that are interesting fall under this genre. We can include interiors or exteriors of buildings and even an interesting element of the design. The two challenging aspects for photographers while shooting buildings are: Lighting and image distortion.

You have only natural light while capturing the façade of the building and you have to make the best use of it to bring out the glamorous aspect. When there are horizontal and vertical lines in the building your images appear distorted. Only with the correct equipment coupled with right angles you can avoid the snag.

Most agents want photos to sell a house. I say that’s only part of the answer, the real goal is getting you the next listing. Colorado is a very competitive market. Sellers will typically interview 3-4 agents before they choose. You have to find a way to explain why you’re better and different. One of those reasons is the photos. Agent shot photos are a no go for most sellers. You say, “I’m bringing in a pro, he’s going to shoot magazine quality photos because your home is that beautiful! Here’s couple listings that I sold, here’s the photos we did. And that’s how I am different and better”.

A Few Examples


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